Tuesday, February 26, 2008

odds and ends

Flash has been crying everyday when we drop him off at daycare.
Looked a different one today...not as nice but its open this summer.
He'll probably end up there this summer.

Had a weird day of subbing yesterday...not so much looking forward to it for the next two days.
Wondering about my interview.
Wanting the job and also not wanting it.

Missing friends and family
My Bible Study ladies.
They're going to have an evening Bible Study starting in April at our church.
I'll be the youngest by far.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I decided a long time ago that being me at an interview was the best course.
Oh I dress up a bit, bring the resume and shake hands.
But when they hire me I want them to know what they're getting.
So, I am friendly, I tell stories and we laugh

My latest interview was like that.
Granted I'd interviewed with them before for another position.
(They didn't choose me...but they're still searching).
But we just couldn't do a formal interview.
One elderly member asked a question that had been answered while he had nodded off.
The chair's cell phone went off with an amusing ringtone
and boom we were done.

Have no idea. I think they like me.
But I think they'll pick someone else
if they get someone with a stronger background.
So who knows.
I should hear ina week or so

Monday, February 18, 2008

4 years ago

today, I was about to become Flash's mom!
Hooray for birthdays!

We've been waiting for his birthday to be announced
on the Sprout channel all morning
but I guess my submission was just too late.
Big Sigh.

His, tiny, party is Saturday
But his grandma sent some money to get a toy
and we're going this afternoon.
When Daddy gets back from Church.
He has a funeral and a wedding this week
and an all day Presby meeting.
But this afternoon...were doing some birthday stuff!

ps... They announced Flash's name at about 11:30!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday5 - Baptism

For today's five, tell us about your baptismal experiences.
Well thats what it said. I am not sure why this was the topic but...ok

When and where were you baptized? Do you remember it? Know any interesting tidbits?
I was christened at St. Aloysius (um...spelling? We just call it St. Al's) in Northern NJ.
My mom's family was very involved there and my Aunt is a nun close by.
I was a baby, don't remember a thing.

What's the most unexpected thing you've ever witnessed at a baptism?
Um...nothing, sorry you got me.
But I've seen a couple on America's Funny Home Videos.

Does your congregation have any special traditions surrounding baptisms?
The pastor walks the child down the aisle to introduce them to the congregation
and he always says that in the congregation's part we agreed to nurture this child
and that means chaperoning the mission trips too. Ha ha

Are you a godparent or baptismal sponsor? Have a story to tell?

Do you have a favorite baptismal song or hymn?

But. Flash was baptized on Easter.

And I went to a baptism remembrance service once.
We each got a clear marble to remind us of the water,
and it was given to us, intinction style.
I found it interesting and kinda cool
but not moving...and I was in the minority at that service.
Actually that happens a lot.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Book Meme

Mompriest tagged me for this meme so here goes...

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.

Saving Faith
by David Baldacci
The library copy. Yay public libraries!

Find Page 123.

Find the first 5 sentences.

Post the next three sentences.
Grabbing the bags, he slid over to her.
"Okay we got a little time."
Down below they heard a dog start to bark loudly and Lee smiled.
" Follow me."
Squatting low, they made their way to the edge of the roof.

This is not a romantic book, its a spy thriller and they are escaping the bad guys.
I'm only up to page 155 myself!
I started it in ISS.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

sub sub sub sub

Its funny being a substitute teacher.

I've done fifth grade, third grade, HS art and In-School-Suspension so far. I thought it was funny when some of the fifth graders were taller than I am, but all of the high schoolers are.

I was a good kid and never got into much trouble so I had a stereotype in my head about in-school-suspension (ISS). But things went just fine, although it was boring. I guess thats the punishment, boredom, removal from the high school society stuff and incarceration in a drab drab room with blank walls. I found myself wondering what the punishment would be for decorating the ISS room. Probably more time there. It needs a fantastic painting that one can stare at and find different things to think about. Maybe a fish tank.

I also thought that there was a time in my school life that ISS would have been just what I needed. Enforced quiet time. Removal from the high school rat race. Stay in one quiet room all day...do your homework, read, write and think. And being their "proctor" meant the same for me. I wrote pages and pages today. I organized. I thought about things that needed to be thought about. Maybe a little prayer, mostly for this kid who has two more days in ISS.
And really its not so bad, except for the stigma and the decor.

Monday, February 11, 2008

good deeds

Instead of church or nursery 13 of us from church went to the two local nursing homes to bring candy and Happy Valentine's wishes to the residents. Flash is the youngest and wildest, naturally.

He seemed to get the idea quickly. Knock on the door, march in Say Happy Valentine's day give them the little box. Some asked about the toy he was holding (a Happy Meal thing) and he answered energetically. One woman dropped her box and he dropped to the ground saying "I'll get it!" and then handing it to her again he said "Here ya go!"

But he understood that some of the people were sick and needed visiting and on our way out he asked if the chocolate would make them better. Well maybe they'll have a happier day, now that we visited and gave them a present.

On Saturday we unloaded a Red Cross truck with about 16 others from area churches, delivering cleaning supplies and he wanted to help so much. He cried when he saw that we were out of boxes to move.

He's beginning to "get" the idea of good deeds, of charity, of empathy. And this is how we learn that. They say charity begins at home, but church is a good place too!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday5: Lent

1.Did you celebrate Mardi Gras and/or Ash Wednesday this week? How?

Hubby had an Ash Wednesday service at church. It was at 7, so I stayed home and put Flash to bed.

2. What was your most memorable Mardi Gras/Ash Wednesday/Lent?

My first Lent was only about 5 years ago. Hubby was feelin' the call and we'd become more involved at church and he volunteered us to lead the children's Lenten study. The most personally moving one was a few years ago in New Jersey at seminary. My lovely Bible Study ladies mad it memorable and our pastor made it so interesting

3. Did you/your church/your family celebrate Lent as a child? If not, when and how did you discover it?

I don't think we did. But as lapsed catholics we never had meat on Fridays. It was pizza night, no pepperoni.

4. Are you more in the give-up camp, or the take-on camp, or somewhere in between?

oh a little bit of neither this year. I don't usually do anything special and I'm even less motivated this year. Besides, its too early this year.

5. How do you plan to keep Lent this year?

low-key, although Hubby will be busy!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In local news

more rain, more flooding
the shelter is open again.

two weddings,
one baptism coming up

job hunt is bleak.
substituting is sporadic

Flash is awesome.
He can get his own ice out of the freezer.
Which is good because he likes "really, really cold water, with icicles".

And its Lent again

Some folks love Lent.
The build up to Easter!
The readings, the vespers, the bleakness of the journey ahead.
It has always seemed so forced to me.

The advent season is a building joy that our culture seems to instill anyway.
But lent seems like forced penitence, forced bleakness.

Let's just have Easter.
Let's just rejoice!