Thursday, May 02, 2013

Life in the Fields

We've been here 5.5 years
Flash is 9
Miss Firecracker is 4.
The dogs get older and older.
The church is exactly the same.
I've been at my job 2.3 years.

Still behind on papers and laundry and dishes.
Still thinking about the next place, the next job

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Has it really been that long...

Sad that my last post is so accurate, still.
I still have the job
but I don't like it.
My husband is doing all the stuff I want to do...picking up kids, making sure they get to fun activities, starting dinner.
I commute 45 minutes to a gorgeous place with a mostly good staff and a woman who is gonna drive me crazy.
And here we are again starting a new school year and I am not there. I miss my school job so much and feel ...robbed? depressed?
But should be grateful, right?
That is depressing too.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

all the news...

To catch up
I have a job.
started Jan 12
adjusting...still to the schedule
and thank goodness that
my husband's flexible but insane
has allowed him to do
the kid pick-up
and start dinner
for almost 2 months now
I miss my old job which was fun and casual
I am now "the boss" in a new job
and have to act the part
got one employee that is gonna drive me crazy
yup, I know that already
and my boss is very statistics and rules oriented
and I'm gonna have to live up to that
But no gift horses here
I needed a job
we need me to have a job
and this is a good one
to have

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New month, same story

I am officially discouraged. Its mid-November and I am still jobless and becoming a bit hopeless. Need to check on my unemployment status because I think it vanishes in January and then I guess I start working fast-food or something. Sigh. I have been substitute teaching ( which I secretly love) but it doesn't pay much and it's not steady work. I work about 2 days a week and I do turn down some ...PE, agriculture, etc. I apply for job after job after job with rarely an answer. There is very little in my field here in the fields. That is the crappy part of being a pastor's wife (one of many). He has a little rural church that pays very little and is near very little. I think we can squeeze by the spring and hope for a teaching job in 2011/2012 ( I have 2 new licenses) but if nothing happens (and given the economy, state government and our location that is very possible) we're gonna have to look elsewhere. And the pastor market isn't good either!
OK end on a good note...end on a good note....hmmmmmm
I've taken up running and the stress-reducing thing they talk about isn't just a lie that exercising-eating-right-type-skinny-people say. I would be in a much worse state without my new running hobby. Don't think I'm talking marathons here now. I am a late thirties over 200 lbs former asthmatic who has never ever been an athlete, runner, or frankly active person. After almost 9 weeks I run about 2 miles 3 days a week. The goal is a 5K where everyone wears Jingle Bells on their shoes as they run through Indy. Hubby wants to run a Half marathon before he turns 40. I'm gonna try to run in our local town's 5K next spring and not embarrass myself.
geez why are you still reading this its such a downer...

Thursday, September 09, 2010


always wants me to change my templtae, why is that. I'm just checking in today to say that nothing much has changed. Still job hunting, subbing
Flash lost his first tooth
Firecracker is herself. Needs a haircut but Daddy isn't for it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

its late

but I'm typing...
a few more minutes before bed to say...
First Grade is going well for Flash, he loved PE and tomorrow he'll have Art.
Firecracker had a potty adventure production but lots of play.
The town festival is over so we get Hubby back in the evenings...
no, no, of course we don't
he had a funeral today with the graveside an hour away
and meetings almost every night this week.
Soccer starts this Wednesday with a game on Saturday morning!
and my job hunt continues...and continues
Tomorrows challenges:
the gym, vaccuuming, and getting together things for a Goodwill run
...and laundry of course.
AND an application for a stretch job
and start and application for a grad certificate
Too much, right?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Status Quo

I have applied to a zillion jobs and school starts in 3 days and I guess I'm not working in a school this year...except maybe as a sub. Everyone is cutting back on school librarians, public librarians and I may just have to find some other kind of employment.
It stinks...
thats the G rated version of that statement.
Other than the constant job hunting cloud that follows me a around... my summer has been good. I was home with the kids and we played on the slip n slide and went to the park and tried to keep Cosy from destroying everything in sight.
Cosy need a new code name...she is lovely but a pistol. I'm thinking about Firecracker .

Starting on Thursdayn they'll be back at school and daycare and I'll rediscover the floor in our house and complete some projects and search for a job, search for a job, search for a job.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have an interview, with that same Library, next Monday...
Would be an interesting job, not my usual thing though.
Would require me to get a CDL so I can drive the Bookmobile!
Cool huh!?

Not sure I'm right for this
but best foot forward
and a foot in the door
and pretty cool if I do get it.

By the way, I'm typing on my new laptop... an early birthday present from my Dad.
Must send him a card tomorrow!

Monday, May 31, 2010

saga continues

Reading over my last post is funny. Sorry its been so long.
Suit pants have been hemmed and not used. I've had no interviews at all.
I really thought I was perfect for a particular job and when I didn't hear anything from them for a few weeks I called and was told that they'd had interviews the previous week. I was so shocked I asked if they would double check that they'd recieved my application. They had. They just didn't interview me. Wow. A friend who used to work for them thinks they may have had an internal candidate. So I keep applying... and next week I can apply for unemployment because the school year is over.

Yup...the kids were finished last Friday and Teacher Day is tomorrow.
and tomorrow I have to hand in this lovely little computer.
On the brink of unemployment and I am seriously considering buying a netbook.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

when we last saw our hero

I just bought a suit!
a tan one (pants)with an aqua blouse...nothing fancy and rather cheap I think.
I only have had one suit and I bought that one about ten years ago...or more.
Doesn't fit, out of date, etc, etc.
I bought the NEW suit at Sears which looks like its going out of business.
Now I understand why my email is full of emails from clothing store.
They are hurting. On a whim I checked out the clearance area and found this suit.
Now I need them to call about and interview
OK after I get the pants hemmed.
I'm about 5'2''
Pants are apparently for someone 5'8''
But they can't have my suit...cuz' its mine!
I'm gonna wear the blouse to church tomorrow.