Monday, May 31, 2010

saga continues

Reading over my last post is funny. Sorry its been so long.
Suit pants have been hemmed and not used. I've had no interviews at all.
I really thought I was perfect for a particular job and when I didn't hear anything from them for a few weeks I called and was told that they'd had interviews the previous week. I was so shocked I asked if they would double check that they'd recieved my application. They had. They just didn't interview me. Wow. A friend who used to work for them thinks they may have had an internal candidate. So I keep applying... and next week I can apply for unemployment because the school year is over.

Yup...the kids were finished last Friday and Teacher Day is tomorrow.
and tomorrow I have to hand in this lovely little computer.
On the brink of unemployment and I am seriously considering buying a netbook.