Sunday, November 14, 2010

New month, same story

I am officially discouraged. Its mid-November and I am still jobless and becoming a bit hopeless. Need to check on my unemployment status because I think it vanishes in January and then I guess I start working fast-food or something. Sigh. I have been substitute teaching ( which I secretly love) but it doesn't pay much and it's not steady work. I work about 2 days a week and I do turn down some ...PE, agriculture, etc. I apply for job after job after job with rarely an answer. There is very little in my field here in the fields. That is the crappy part of being a pastor's wife (one of many). He has a little rural church that pays very little and is near very little. I think we can squeeze by the spring and hope for a teaching job in 2011/2012 ( I have 2 new licenses) but if nothing happens (and given the economy, state government and our location that is very possible) we're gonna have to look elsewhere. And the pastor market isn't good either!
OK end on a good note...end on a good note....hmmmmmm
I've taken up running and the stress-reducing thing they talk about isn't just a lie that exercising-eating-right-type-skinny-people say. I would be in a much worse state without my new running hobby. Don't think I'm talking marathons here now. I am a late thirties over 200 lbs former asthmatic who has never ever been an athlete, runner, or frankly active person. After almost 9 weeks I run about 2 miles 3 days a week. The goal is a 5K where everyone wears Jingle Bells on their shoes as they run through Indy. Hubby wants to run a Half marathon before he turns 40. I'm gonna try to run in our local town's 5K next spring and not embarrass myself.
geez why are you still reading this its such a downer...