Friday, March 31, 2006

Why the New Name?

The new name reflects a new vocation. Well, its not very new I guess, my husband is in his second year of seminary. Being a pastor's wife is a calling, yes. But...its sort of a reluctant one. I grew up certainly don't expect to become a pastor's wife. When I met my husband, we were in college and although he was somewhat active in church, I wasn't and hadn't been for a long time. We got married in a church...but we didn't attend regularly.
Several catastrophes led us back into the fold and then suddenly we were regulars!
And elders! And in the Presbyterian Women! And then going to seminary, 700 miles away. And my whole world has changed.
Now don't misunderstand, I love my husband and I believe in God and support his church...but deep down I don't see myself as a pastor's wife. As if the librarian stereotype wasn't enough! I'm not pious or reserved. Half the time, I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing. The other half... And yet in other parts of my life I am confident, smart, funny and articulate.
So, Hipastorzwife is all about coming to terms with this calling and bringing what I am and what I am not to the job. And as Huey Lewis sang "Its hip to be square!"

Friday 5: My Mama told me...

I read the RevGalBlogPals all the time and each Friday they have a five point question that they invite all of their bloggers to contribute to. This week the topic is five things your parents repeated to you as a child.
My mom was famous for the "I'm the Mommy, You're the child" line but mostly that was directed towards my wild sister. This morning my son started calling me by my given name, because he heard his father use it and it struck me as so WRONG. And slightly sad (but I am working on very little sleep, courtesy of the whippersnapper). And I am reminded that I called my father DaddyMikell when I was small so...what goes around comes around. I hope he'll start calling me Mama again soon.
Yes...Mama not Mommy, although I get that sometimes too. I like it better even though my mother was Mommy (until she was promoted to Mom). My husband is Dad...I guess he doesn't need to be promoted. So, for me I suppose the line is "I'm the Mama, you're the child"...until I get promoted.


Sun? Shiny.
Temperature? Perfect.
Flowers? Blooming.
Location? Library reference desk. SIGH.
I have spent the whole afternoon wondering why we can close the branch for playing in the snow, but not for playing outside on such a gorgeous day! I know I know something about safety in the snow and impassable roads and such. What about our state of mind? Impassable boredom? But it is almost 4 p.m. I think I will make it to 5 without making a scene.
Thank you God for a beautiful day in a beautiful place where I am safe and loved!
I finished a great teen spy thrillers today, one of the Alex Rider books by Horowitz. James Bond type thriller about a teenage boy and I finished it in one the desk... and no one said a word.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Quacking up!

I needed to move our stubborn two-year-old, hereby nicknamed the Flash, from the living room to his room to get him dressed so we could get going! So I scooped him up and put him on my shoulders and tromped back to the bedroom and as I went through his doorway I said "Duck!"
...and he started to quack and flap his arms.
It's a wonder I didn't crash into anything, I was laughing so hard!
The other evening during "Night-time Amens" he thanked God for cake.
I'm sure God snickered at that too.

Booklady to Hipastorzwife...

This blog used to be Booklady.

And in some ways it still is. I've been using the hipastorzwife moniker in several places and it seems to be my growing identity. In that spirit, I've changed the blog and started over. I hope that those of you who read before will enjoy the new name. The content will be similar to what I wrote when I wrote before and hopefully I'll write a little more often. No! A Lot more often! I hereby resolve to write three times a week! Or More!

AS for books! My year on the Sibert Book Award committee is over! For the record The Secrets of a Civil War Submarine won. It is excellent, you should read it.

So Goodbye Children's Non-fiction, Hello Anything Else! In the first few months after it was announced I demolished several trashy romances and thrillers and got it all out of my system. So now I'm ready to read!And yet...My church book club is reading the very popular "The World is Flat" and I am reluctantly limping through it. I don't think It'll be done in time. Big Sigh!