Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The clubhouse

One of the many many amazing things I was going to do this summer
was turn our unused shed into a "clubhouse".
For lots of reasons we only got around to painting it today!
We painted it white on the inside to try to brighten it up a bit...its sort of dark.
Hubby and a friend are talking about installing a window, for ventilation.
I have my hopes but I don't know if it'll happen before school begins.
So now we'll put in tables and chairs and ...
I don't know what else, that's up to Flash! I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.
For now, picture a garden shed, painted white inside,
with the doors held open by terra-cotta planters.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home again home again

Well, I'm home from the city. With bags of book samples and posters
Back in corn country in time for a night at the county fair!
Cows, sheep, rabbits and chickens vying for prizes.
The pigs arrive tomorrow morning between 5 and 7. So I am told.
Sewing, woodworking, corn, soybeans, other veggies,
cake decorating, legos, scrapbooking, electronics.
Its 4-H heaven.

And there are concerts, moon bounces and pony rides.
Tonight Hubby's group served BBQ brisket (YUM) at their booth.
and we have leftovers...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chicago part2

Well Hubby did bring them up and it went very very well.! Flash was very good in the Exhibit Hall. It helped that so much of it was kid focused. He may have even helped to perfect a computer program for kids. He also built a tower with some fun building toys, drew on a smartboard and received a balloon animal cat. Oh and books. They came around 11 and stayed until 2:30. I thought that maybe my momma's oy would be sad to go home and leave me at the conference, but no. He was happy to watch a DVD in the van and say See you tomorrow Mommy". I was also worried about Cosy but she was happy to see me, happy to ride in the stroller and smile at conference attendees and happy to be buckled in to go home. While we were together she was changed twice, sucked down a bottle and a half and napped. Its a big life.

Hotel next time..


My last post was almosta month ago and I think it said something about blogging more during the summer break...oh well. Too much of my limited computer time is now wasted on Facebook I guess. Theres a difference though and that difference is anonimity...although I have 3 revgal Facebook Friends. I need to get back in though, if only for my sanity.

So what have I been doing?
Having summer vacation with Flash and Cosy. We watch cartoons and play and go to the library and have playdates. We've been to the museum, the nice park in the college town nearby ( the one with the train!) had lots of picnics,swim lessons, VBS. I've painted the front door of the house a lovely shade of blue (needs a second coat). We spent a week and a half in GA with Hubby's family at the beach. Right now I'm in Chicago at the Librarian's conference. Just soaking up some city! I've walked and walked and enjoyed the anoninmity...see there it is again. Had some really good chinese food last night. Still trying to figure out a trip to the water park and home to see my folks in PA.

My sister and Dad have still not seen Cosy and she's 7 months old. Yeah, I'd rather them come out here but thats unlikely. Very frustrating being this far away. My sister is in school and she's a single mom and a massage therapist, so she has some good excuses. My Dad has been sick this year and I don't know how bad it is but he's not interested in travelling this far. Cirrohsis. So I shall move the mountain to Mohammed...somehow.

But I didn't even bring my day planner on this trip! So I can't work on it now. Hubby says he may bring the kids up here to the city today to see me and go to the exhibits. I'm not sure its a good idea. I think it will upset the kids since I'm not coming home until Sunday and the exhibits are a work thing. Flash isn't all that well behaved. So I'm trying to convince him that, if he comes up, we should go to the park or the museum. I WILL write tonight and say how it went.

And I have to post something about this hotel...grrr.