Saturday, August 08, 2009


Since I last blogged we've been to PA and back to visit my folks. Saw my Dad and sister and Flash got to hang out with his favorite cousin. He cried when he said goodbye to him, saying that he'd "Miss him the most". Sobbing really. Got to meet my sister's new boyfriend and he seems nice. Showed off the baby to sister, dad, stepmom, aunt and one of Mom's best friends. A quick trip is good for some reasons, less time for my mom and hubby to get on each other's nerves. Hard to dfrive that much though! I AM NEVER doing that kind of trip again. 14 hours on Monday, 14 hours on Friday and 4 hours on Wednesday! Lots of miles and lots and lots of patience on the part of my little brood.

School starts this coming week. I, as the school Librarian, am already "in", But the kids come to my school Thursday. Flash starts Kindergarten on Wednesday. I think he's a little nervous, because he's been chewing on his shirt. Gwen starts back to daycare on Tuesday and she's changed so much this summer. I wonder if she and her babysitter will recognize each other!
Its been a strange but wonderful summer.