Sunday, August 15, 2010

its late

but I'm typing...
a few more minutes before bed to say...
First Grade is going well for Flash, he loved PE and tomorrow he'll have Art.
Firecracker had a potty adventure production but lots of play.
The town festival is over so we get Hubby back in the evenings...
no, no, of course we don't
he had a funeral today with the graveside an hour away
and meetings almost every night this week.
Soccer starts this Wednesday with a game on Saturday morning!
and my job hunt continues...and continues
Tomorrows challenges:
the gym, vaccuuming, and getting together things for a Goodwill run
...and laundry of course.
AND an application for a stretch job
and start and application for a grad certificate
Too much, right?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Status Quo

I have applied to a zillion jobs and school starts in 3 days and I guess I'm not working in a school this year...except maybe as a sub. Everyone is cutting back on school librarians, public librarians and I may just have to find some other kind of employment.
It stinks...
thats the G rated version of that statement.
Other than the constant job hunting cloud that follows me a around... my summer has been good. I was home with the kids and we played on the slip n slide and went to the park and tried to keep Cosy from destroying everything in sight.
Cosy need a new code name...she is lovely but a pistol. I'm thinking about Firecracker .

Starting on Thursdayn they'll be back at school and daycare and I'll rediscover the floor in our house and complete some projects and search for a job, search for a job, search for a job.