Saturday, April 17, 2010

when we last saw our hero

I just bought a suit!
a tan one (pants)with an aqua blouse...nothing fancy and rather cheap I think.
I only have had one suit and I bought that one about ten years ago...or more.
Doesn't fit, out of date, etc, etc.
I bought the NEW suit at Sears which looks like its going out of business.
Now I understand why my email is full of emails from clothing store.
They are hurting. On a whim I checked out the clearance area and found this suit.
Now I need them to call about and interview
OK after I get the pants hemmed.
I'm about 5'2''
Pants are apparently for someone 5'8''
But they can't have my suit...cuz' its mine!
I'm gonna wear the blouse to church tomorrow.