Monday, November 30, 2009


We did the marathon Thanksgiving this year.
My mom said she was getting everyone together and she almost did.
So we went.
12 hours...each way...
OK not uphill.
And we couldn't leave until Wed at 2.
And we needed to be back for Sunday worship.
a really long drive
with a fantastic party in the middle.

but most importantly,
Flash saw his beloved Cousin
a 6th grader
and they were attached at the hip for 2 glorious days.

Crazy Cosy

Last night Cosy
ate mascara
and dove into Flash's bath.
all in the span of 15 minutes.
She's fast and fearless these days.
She eats interesting things too, not just cosmetics...
they gave her pickle spears at church one day and she ate 3 of them.

Fantasy Football

This fall I've been participating in an online Fantasy Football league.
I did it for several reasons.
1. Maybe I'll enjoy the games more if I have someone to cheer for.
2. Seemed like inexpensive fun.
And it is...I am really enjoying it most of the time.
And I like to talk about my team, as if they are my team...
Flash and I discussed uniform colors for my team one night.
Banana yellow.
And my stepdad suggested that I should make up t-shirts and send them to my "players"
as I said...just for fun.
Anyhow, my team is going very well and it seems like we'll make the playoffs.
Silly, but fun.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chuch Slump

I went back to church today.
In the past few months I've been home sick from church 3 times...mostly for Flash.
Its been a nice reprieve.
I am in a church slump, and I haven't even been there much.

The last few times I've been there I've been the nursery person for Cosy
because the volunteer hasn't shown up.

Hubby leaves for church earlier and we arrive just in time for worship.
It works for us in that our Church behavior isn't wasted on pre-church stuff.
So this morning I'm back the Nursery.
If I'm in the nursery with Cosy, there isn't anyone to sit with Flash
and he's happier with me anyhow...until Children's church,

What is the point of getting them dressed and out of the house
if we're only gonna be in the nursery?

Today they did a nice craft in children's church, Cosy had a lovely nap in nursery and after worship we hung the greens and had a little lunch, so...OK... it was worthwhile.

But I'm tired of this church and its stick in the mud, seeker unfriendly, assimilate or go away attitude. If you make the pastor's wife feel so wonder everyone wants to go to the fun church in town. I want to go there too.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Cosy walks!

Yes Ladies and gentlemen, she walks!
Last weekend she was taking the two steps from the ottoman to the coffee table.

But she's gaining confidence and toddling boldly!
Tonight while I was reading to Flash,
Hubby called out that Cosy had just emerged from the bathroom walking
and holding a bottle of squeezy soap.
She almost made it to the middle of the living room with a big proud smile.

In contrast, I heard last night that my niece, a high school sophmore, tore her ACL in a Field Hockey game. Tonight I heard that her brother, a junior, tore his ACL in a soccer game. So Cosy is walking better than both of them.

Wonderful day

Sometimes wonderful days don't start off so well.
A difference of opinion, a difference of expectations.
Everyone running at the last minute, grouch grouch.
It lasted a little too long this morning
but perhaps thats just because of how EARLY the morning starts some days.
But after a while...we went to town for errands and chatted the whole way there.
Drop some things off at Goodwill, shopped for kid clothes at the 2nd hand shop
( ute things Flash will enjoy his new superhero shirts), grocery run.
Big grocery run.
Lots of groceries.
A lovely Mexican lunch at a very colorful place.
Cosy ate a LOT of refried beans... should be interesting later
and then we went to get Flash from school.
Played Outside in the crisp fall air,
indoor cookout
made cookies, read books and bed by 7:30. Woohoo!

And looking over the day...great day.
Sorry for the morning grouching...tomorrow will be better.