Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday5

The Revgals' meme is about Black Friday. This is the day after Thanksgiving when shopping establishments go from the "red" (unprofitable) to "black" (profitable). Stores offer crazy deals and open very early (most 6, some 3!!!). So this is a "Black Friday" Five in honor of the busiest shopping day of the year:

1. Have you ever stood in line for something--tickets, electronics, Tickle Me Elmo?
Never have for a product, but...I camped out for UNC vs. Duke tickets with thousands of other students while I was there! Not sure I'd do it for a doll or electronic thing-a-ma-hooey.

2. Do you enjoy shopping as a recreational activity?
Well, browsing really but sometimes and in the right store. Hallmark, for instance. Or Avenue.

3. Your favorite place to browse without necessarily buying anything.
Oops, answered above!

4. Gift cards: handy gifts for the loved one who has everything, or cold impersonal symbol of all that is wrong in our culture?
Totally overused, but useful in some situations.
I tend to get bookstore cards which is great for me. Since I'm a librarian, everyone knows I love books, but also that I read too much and I won't buy books un-prompted. Movie Theater gift cards are fantastic, cuz its like a date! An i-tunes gift card last Christmas filled up my little shuffle with songs I wouldn't have gotten if it was "my money" and probably kept me from copyright infringement! I rarely give them myself.

5. Discuss the spiritual and theological issues inherent in people coming to blows over a Playstation 3.
Ummm Cain and Abel? Jealousy? People budging in line? Insane shopping advertisements?
I don't know! I hope its just people who are overwrought by the the stress of the holidays, not actual character traits. Speaking of which, I'm teaching Unplug The Christmas Machine for the next 4 Sundays during Church School. More on that on Monday.

When we have Thanksgiving with Hubby's folks, his Mom, sister and I do the whole Black Friday thing. Nowadays though, they are busy at their own store up in Northern GA. Its a whole different side of Black Friday!

We had Thanksgiving with my mom this year (most years actually) and the next day we went and chopped down our Christmas tree with my stepsisters and their families (their tradition). So, I only bought a Christmas tree and some cocoa out at the farm. Flash had a ball (TRACTORS!) but he doesn't quite get the Christmas tree thing. We asked him what we'll do with the tree..."Take it home and play with it!"
Half right!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thankful Thursday

The Thanksgiving edition...
Family, Friends, Food, Faith, Freedom
Safety, Warmth, Acceptedness and Love

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Traditions

Do you ever hear about other people's traditions and wish they were yours?
Parade-watching, Food-making, football-watching, turkey&pie-eating, nap etc.
Usually at my Mom's, more recently at my Aunts cuz she's closer to my Grandfather in the nursing place.

This year its at my Mom's, less family but a bunch of friends.
Friends were told to bring something they usually have thats different.
Because we don't make anything unusual and I kinda wish we did.
My mom always starts Thanksgiving dinner with Fruit Cup, and Hubby thinks its odd.
And thats it. (shrug)

Do you do something different?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Delurking week

The Revgals have declared this week Delurking Week.
If you read, comment!
Just so we know you are out there.

Not Marian, its for you!

My friend and colleague, notmarian has joined the Brethren Volunteer Service! She leaves in January! Stop by and wish her luck!

Sabbath Keeping: part 1

This past week I went to a Sabbath Keeping seminar up at the seminary. The facilitator/speaker was Wayne Muller, who has written several books on the subject, and others. There were about 40 of us in a giant circle and he ran it as a discussion. He's a very thoughtful man...and in keeping with the topic, kinda went with the flow.

Two main things I came away with are
1. Its a COMMANDMENT and
2. Give God and the holy spirit a full 24 hours to do their magic, without you. "Who do you think you are?"

There were several folks who had been attending a week-long retreat/seminar with him as well as a Lilly Project on Sabbath Keeping and they spoke as a panel about their experience with Sabbath Keeping in their own lives as pastors. Its a struggle. There are lots of things I could talk about here, but let me share Mr. Muller's thoughts on Meetings, because its unusual and kinda funny and it shouldn't be.

He likes everyone to introduce themselves. If you are late, he understands, but you must introduce yourself and be filled in on whats happened until you got there. In most meetings, you slip in and try to get your neighbor to catch you up, but here the leader of the group welcomes you as a part of the group and tells you where you are. A very welcoming but somewhat uncomfortable experience. Do you know why you feel uncomfortable? Because for years you've been frowned at for being late and interrupting the on-going meeting, but in this discussion you are welcomed into the group.

If you have to leave, do not try to sneak out! He wants you to be properly thanked for your presence and for being a part of the group. I'm paraphrasing (of course), but in too many situaions people think they can slip in and slip out and never really be a part of the group. His actions are to honor that you are a member of the group, of the discussion and that the group will now be different because you are gone.

So thought-provoking.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Excellent post was eaten last night...
Will try to recreate later....must fume now.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Belly Dancing

I took a belly dancing class yesterday. Oh my, what fun!
The instructor was very firm that we westerners got the wrong idea about belly dancing way back in the early 1900's and that it is primarily a middle-eastern folk dance performed by women, for the most part without men present. She showed us several different belly dancing costumes which were not risque!
And then we danced!
I am not an exerciser. I'll admit that it shows :0)
I have little coordination for aerobics, little time or patience for machines
and no motivation at all.
But every now and then I crank up the radio and BOOGIE!
And this class felt just like that! Even with everyone else there.
If you ever get a chance to take a Belly Dancing class, go! Even if its only once!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Build-it Day

On the 1st Saturday of the month a certain orange hued big Build-it store has a FREE Kids workshop. It goes 9-12, drop-in, and you and your child can build a something (yesterday it was a picture frame) and if you're new you get an orange apron, just like the employees wear. We have found that our apron is good for all sorts of pretend play, especially in our play kitchen, but also art projects and playdough. We always have wonderful time at "Build-it Day" and again its free (I imagine they make up the $ in good will and other purchases) and they do it at every store.

Here's my discovery though...their rival, a blue hued store, has a similar thing on the second Tuesday of the month!