Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

It is the last night of spring break and its been quite a week I guess.
We didn't "go" anywhere, which is a pity, but Hubby had things for work and usually we'd just go visit family anyhow. I'd like for us to take a small vacation but this wasn't the week for it really. So we...
went to Chuckie Cheese
had two playdate afternoons
invented a new game
watched far too much TV
made chocolate eggs at church
went to the children's museum
saw the movie How to train Your Dragon

a nice week
the house is a pit
and we're all ready to go back to school

On Thursday an interesting job popped I sent my application yesterday.
Here's the thing though,
My next job will almost definitely have terrible hours
You can't beat school hours for a family, especially a pastor's family.
So there will be a lot more daycare/babysitters around here if I get one of these jobs...
I am trying to look at it as if God is choosing
I'll put my best foot forward and if I get the job great,
but if I don't then maybe there's something else out there for me
...including unemployment and stay-at-home-momhood.

and yes I am having a relatively good day

Sunday, March 21, 2010

the Update post

*I went to a very depressing meeting this week, for newer teachers who've been RIF'd.
It doesn't look like they'll be calling me back anytime soon (at least not in the time frame I'm hoping to remain in this state.) I discovered that I am higher up on the call-back list than I thought, which is something I guess.
The vote comes on April 14th and they're Riffing 150 teachers.
*I HAVE applied for the 2 most appropriate jobs in the area. And I intend to have another application sent this week. All you can do is all you can do.
*Helped to pack up our friends yesterday. It was less sad than I thought for the kids and I was the only one that teared up.
* Its Spring Break here so we're doing some daytrips and fun things like going to the movies, Chuckie Cheese with a friend, the Children's Museum. Should be fun. Hubby's week looks like it will be punctuated with a funeral, sadly.
* Diet has been shot to...well somewhere. Enjoying too many sweets and making my own bread. Hopefully this week will be better exercise and food-wise. Just need to shake myself up a bit.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday5: Spring Cleaning

I'm feelin' down ladies and gentlemen so here goes;

1. Is there a part of your spiritual life that is dry and dusty at the moment, something that could do with a good spring clean?
Yes...all of it. I am questioning the whole darn thing. Prayer is superficial, church is anemic.

2. Spiritual disciplines- life-giving/ terrifying: discuss
Slight...some minor devotion reading. Prayers with kids or during the school's "moment of silence" Thats it.

3. Share a practice that keeps you spiritually alive that you think others might benefit from...
Hmmmm. Nope, you'd better share with me. I got nuthin'

4.Alone or together, how do you pray best?
ALONE. Just need some impetus.

5.If your spiritual life were to burgeon and bloom into a spring flower what would it be and why?
I've been thinking about gladiolas recently (Flash and I are reading The Enormous Egg) so for no other reason,,,gladiolas.


Reduction in Force.
Laid off.

I am tired of looking for a job here.
There just aren't a lot of jobs in my field out here in the fields.
Know what I mean?

Discouraged at "following" Hubby.
and looking for jobs where he is.
Discouraged but resigned...we're not done here yet.

and to top it off, dear firends who live about 2 hours away
have a new call on the other side of the country.
Good for them...but sad for us.

Cra**y week.