Saturday, April 17, 2010

when we last saw our hero

I just bought a suit!
a tan one (pants)with an aqua blouse...nothing fancy and rather cheap I think.
I only have had one suit and I bought that one about ten years ago...or more.
Doesn't fit, out of date, etc, etc.
I bought the NEW suit at Sears which looks like its going out of business.
Now I understand why my email is full of emails from clothing store.
They are hurting. On a whim I checked out the clearance area and found this suit.
Now I need them to call about and interview
OK after I get the pants hemmed.
I'm about 5'2''
Pants are apparently for someone 5'8''
But they can't have my suit...cuz' its mine!
I'm gonna wear the blouse to church tomorrow.

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Terri (AKA Mompriest) said...

Buying suits on sale is the only way to go....some stores live for your years offering mostly "sale" items...go figure. And, yeah, what is that about, making pants for women who are 5'8"...I always have to hem mine too OR wear really HIGH heels...hope the interviewing goes well...